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Heart of England



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Based in Nottingham, I delight in showing visitors from home and abroad the intriguing aspects of the city, its stories of past and present.

According to Carolyn from Texas: 'Felicity was the best guide we've ever had'! Direct, perceptive and lively in passing on information, my enthusiasm and enjoyment of guiding ensures that my listeners stay interested and want to hear more. My knowledge and sense of fun mean that my guided tours are engaging, entertaining and informative.

After my education at two English universities I lived in London for over 25 years and worked in the British Houses of Parliament before training to be a guide. I am now proud to be guiding in Nottingham (a UNESCO City of Literature) where I've developed a range of literary tours as well as heritage-themed guided walks.

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Personal Interests:

Literary walks
Conference and corporate events
Women's history
Nottingham city walks

Special Interests:

Walking Tours

You'll never see a place in quite the same way as you do on a walking tour. Hidden alleyways, unexpected gardens and a ruined church or two...
Nottingham, Gloucester, Oxford, Stratford - I offer guided walking tours through several cities in the Heart of England, and in London.


Nottingham's literary heritage is vast - no wonder it is a UNESCO City of Literature (1 of only 28 such cities across the world). I offer a range of guided literary walks about local writers and literary figures - from the rock-star poet Lord Byron, to controversial author DH Lawrence and (of course) Robin Hood.

Conferences & Incentives

Experienced in working with conference and incentive groups, taking guided visits or guided walks around town. If you have a conference or social venue with a spectacular view, how about a 'guiding the view' session to add interest?

Lecture Subjects

Women in the First World War - how the war affected women, what work women did and how it changed their lives.
Parliament - what it does and how it works.
Political women - from Nell Gwynne to Margaret Thatcher, looking at the challenges facing women in the complicated world of politics.

Politics & Government

Explore the 'corridors of power' with a knowledgeable guide who has worked in the UK Parliament. Statesmen and women, those who had political power and those who didn't; there are interesting stories to discover in both Westminster and Whitehall.


2012 Venues, Parliament, Virtual Tours

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BA Hons, MA

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